Welcome to Sculch!

Here you will find a collection articles, projects, and utilities, as well as my personal portfolio. Articles are exactly that, a piece of writing on a given subject. Projects are where I will be hosting various code that I write, updates to the code will simply overwrite the old code. Utilities will provide some useful function, right in your browser.

Useful Links

Here is a collection of links that you may or may not find useful, but they are here more so that I don't lose them.

  1. Regular Expression Test Tool

    Using this tool you can test both ereg and preg functions. Enter your regular expression syntax and your data and this tool will return what the actual function returns so that you can test your regular expressions without having to upload new files to your server each time.
    Link: http://www.spaweditor.com/scripts/regex/

  2. MySQL Field Types

    This chart lists out every MySQL field type you could ever think of using. It helps you choose the right type of field, for example, whether to use SMALLINT or MEDIUMINT, this chart gives you the range of values that are accepted.
    Link: http://help.scibit.com/mascon/masconMySQL_Field_Types.html